Monday, April 26, 2010

Batu Caves (first time also)

Once again with the guai lous go for day trip. If its not for them i wont be doing tis. They wanted to visit Batu Caves.

Before we head to Bate Caves we had lunch in the city, near Imbi road. Ipoh Hor Fun the shiokness of it is damn shiok.

Once again 4 of us are heading for a brand new adventure with me being the paparazzi n now the driver.

I dint know it was tat near, hahaha i thought it will b in like some ulu place but its right in the middle of a town. LOL.

first thing i saw was pigeons lots of them

I thought onli Thaipusam the Hindus here for praying but no, they can do it anytime.

Oh not to forget monkeys too were everywhere, very saggy ones.

walked the whole way up, stairs are very steep and narrow, halfway up there

took us come sometime, walk, stop, take pic ,walk, stop, take pic, walk, stop, take pic.

Felt like a winner once we reach the top

Its so empty inside compare to wat i see during the thaipusam on Tv.

And yes we did it, we conquered Batu Caves.

Here is a pictograph showing no shoes.

one of the statues inside the cave.

Evonne n Tina trying to figure all the writings on the wall.

wats a trip without a group trip rite.

Spotted a cow woman on the arch of the entrance.

Here is how far we have walked, about 300 steps. And once we are done here, we decided to go to the pigeons for some pic.

Here is Evonne,

Me with the pigeons, got feel oh, pigeons flying sumore. Its not easy to make them fly all they do is jus walk away. really have to run damn fast.

Here are the girls running all by themselves but no pigeon give a damn.

And the best pic for the day, Robocop Returns.

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