Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cameron Highlands

When was the last time u go on a trip with ur gang of family members?
Ages ago

When was the last time u went to Cameron Highlands?
Ages ago

And tat is why we planned a super duper family trip to Cameron Highlands

and tis super spacious house is jus right to fit a total of 23 ppl. sh... it was suppose to b a max of 10 humans onli to stay in tis house.. hahahah

before we head up to Cameron we made a stop at Ipoh for some food. Crab porridge, roast pork... tis n tat la. Delicious.

Tis place i stay in, is so so so so beautiful, everything looks so fresh. Roses looks so pretty compare to the ones i bought during Valentine.

Sweetcorn is really sweet, they dont name it sweetcorn for no reason.

even the things tat are dead looks so fresh

so fresh tat u feel like tasting everything u see.

u know 23 of us is not enough for everyone to sleep, that is why we borrowed a 6 man tent n a 2 man tent for backup

after the tent set up its time to fool around and just have fun

all we really did was jus play play eat play play eat play eat...

and we dont even need to go out for food, everything is serve, the aunty from the house prepare everything for us and its delicious shockingly delicious.

hahhahaha tis pic is nice but the process while taking it is damn farnie.

Adrian: Ei cameron got place to make airport.. Chris Chris come come here and land.

If u guys get the joke, but if you dont too bad la.

Earth hour.. we off all the lights and took all the chairs out to the garden n spend our whole one hour chatting.

and did abit of experiment with shutter speed with mua si camera.

its not as big as u see..

and tat is our first nite in Cameron

the next morning, woke up early, very cold, very refreshing.

and with tis king of fresh air its best to do some morning exercise like tachi.

do some kung fu, n tis is one of the best shot i have taken in Cameron. Damn Bruce Lee.

And for the rest of the day, its the same like first day, eat play eat play play play eat play eat eat.

some Magic moments, inspiration from Harry Potter.


Saving Private Ryan

Mysterio, a villain from Spiderman

Harvest Moon the gardening game ?

and even stevie wonder, well the sun was so bright we had to wear our glasses while we were outside playing catur

its too bright coz the catur we play is bright white.

and we were trying to avoid the sun so we move and move and move till the end of the garden to stay in shade

and so its dinner again, times passes slow here but we enjoyed every second of it.

another nite another try for my lukisan api

And so the end of second nite.

another beautiful morning and its the last day of our fun family trip

time to pack all our stuff and prepare to leave tis beautiful place

before we head home, few of us went up to the tea plantation.

pluck some tea leaves

and njoy the very last of tis wonderful beautiful fun trip.

and tat is bye bye and the end to Cameron.

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