Thursday, June 26, 2008


I know working life is not easy.. its terrible But one have to work to survive.

Its hard when u feel stuck and there is no one there to help you, i might not totally understand but i hope u know that i alwaz support you.. alwaz..



and Emotionally

sometimes i may not be there all the time.

so whenever you need a lift from your sadness and you cant find me when u need me the most.. i hope this post may light up your happiness.


shui fen said...

owh that's so sweet..

Jeremy said...

hehe.. terima kasih (malu malu)

raja chulan said...

yeah very sweet..and i made a contribution to the post..wahahhaha...and this to jeremy..i can leave comment also..wahahhaha

Jeremy said...

KNEW IT .. !! i purposely dun wan to say anything bout u.. hahaha Thanks neway

Shiny!ng said...

lucky evonne~