Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged from Justin

Here are the rules for tis tag.

-Put your music player on shuffle
-Press forward for each question
-Use the song title as the answer to every question
-With the answer, comment on how it relates to the question
-tag your mates! (not gona tag anyone, no response)

OKie here goes.. tis is tough i tell u..Im trying hard justin.. hahah

1.What do you want to learn when you are young ?
Magic - Colbie Caillat

2.How do you feel with your life now ?
Thankful - Josh Groban.

3.When you mom calls you to do something, whats the first thing in your mind ?
Fade Away - Olivia

4.Best Game song u like ?
Aerith's Theme - FFVII

5.What can the world do for you ?
Love Me - Norah Jones

6.Who are you thinking now ?
Girlfriend - Marie Digby

7.Childhood memories ?
The Chipmunks Song - Alvin & the Chipmunks

8.Spiderman ?
Ill Never Get Enough Of You - Air Supply

9.Have you ever think u will be gay ?
Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr (dont know where i get this song from)

10.Where are all your money ?
Gone - Chris Daughtry

11.Clubbing ?
Do It Again - Chemical Brothers

12.... Erm... Say something ?
Theresa Prelude - Citizen Cope

13.Wats your teenage life like ?
We Are Young And Beautiful - Carrie Underwood

14.Embarrassing moment ?
If I Fell - Jason Castro

15.Best thing knowing you and your gang ?
We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions - Michael Johns

16.What to aspect in your love life ?
Forever Love - Lee Hom

17.Ever wanted to be Lim Goh Tong ?
I Have Dreamed - Frank Sinatra

18.How do you live your life ?
This Is My Now - Jordin Sparks ( wah lau yeh.. no sense... damn hard la justin tis tag.. cracking my head d )

19.What will you say to Evonne?
Im your Angel - Celine Dion

20.Will you ever die ?
For Once In My Life - Michael Buble

21.Petrol price increase ?
How Insensitive - Olivia

22.Go to your closet and open, what do you see ?
Unfold - Marie Digby

23.Who do you play with when you are alone ?
Me And My Shadow - Frank Sinatra (tis bugger keeps coming out)

24.Are you successful now ?
I Will Be - Leona Lewis

25.Living in Malaysia is ?
Beautiful Life - TVXQ (sarcastically ya)

PHEW ... !! im done woo hoo not no more tags i owe... oh tis can be in Jeremys blog of Record. No pics for the first time.

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