Monday, June 23, 2008


I got tis from Evonne.

I dun have to tell u what jersey is this rite.. im sure everyone knows.

When i got it i was so happy n stun coz i will never dream of having an ori jersey coz of the price.. but guess wat. HEHEH i got it. TING KA YU EVONNE ! MUA HAHHA

So happy tat i went and celebrate with the players when they won the EPL cup.

BUT.. i have more..

Do you know which club is this from ..No not F**K CHI B*I la.. aiyo, its BARCELONA. Recently Toh went uk to further his studies and Julian went to visit him. and when he came back... its a best present.. hahaha.

another jersey from the gang..TING KA YU TOH N JULIAN.
Being a country tat is so crazy bout soccer.. some jersey there are dirt cheap. Toh is still there...(hint hint)

haha remmeber this picture i had in my earlier post.. i guess no one realize it and i told Julian about it. If you see properly hahaha

I was with them.. ehehe

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