Thursday, June 5, 2008


I still remember when i first heard ppl saying clubbin, the first thing tat came to my mind was ...

everyone was talking about it and i was like why are they so obsessed with going to their clubs. I cant remember how i finally got to know the real meaning of it buts the term clubbing is jus funny. Why not jus call it beering, pubbing, disco ? LOL.

So far i have onli been to clubbin twice. The first time was way back cant really remember... the club we went to is boring. rite Nick ? And then recently to Poppy ( next to Passion) with the IMU gang. N its really alot different from last time. There were like 20 of us. So its damn exciting. Tis is also the first time i go clubbing with Evonne and gang.

We onli started to take pics rite at the end. Coz thats when all the fun begins when everyone is high enough.

since he kacau me, i kacau him back.

but too bad everyone wans to kacau him.

toh got tulan and.. ehem... caught.

all very happy and happening

dance nonstop the whole nite,,, but wats best is seeing ppl getting drunk.. tats the best

So below is the OWNED OF FAME


the reason he is the winner is because we get to see his process of getting owned and how we manage to own him is bacause

it was his convo tat evening so he wans to celebrate and we force him to celebrate.. then all me and toh drink was water but hes drinking pure pure alcohol. tats why he is so hang over in the end.

he was so hang over he cant move his head up. and also being so drunk, the main reason making him so drunk.. we wanted him to vormit.. and he did.

we also learnt something when he was vormiting.. notice how we usually place the container or bucket to let him puke in.. but NO..

alwaz put further, because eventually tats wat happen... so the party ended at 3am .. fetch them back thanks to all the gf whose so supportive and caring. We manage to get back in one piece. By time i reach home its already 6am...

Granmas awake cam to my room n ask.

Granma : cho ma kai an chow hong ? (translate why wake up so early ?)

M3: M heh, chang chon... (translate no ler.. jus came back..)

Granma : aaaa meh.... oi si neh.. (translate aaaa meh.... wan die lo..)

so tats wat happen.. haha oh oh i also manage to watch animals roaring again. free show

i dont think theyll fight.. all they do is jus scream their lungs out.. scream while walking.. i think but time they finish fighting they reach home d.. LOL.

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