Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okie.. Since its the sinapore mega sale sure mus buy something rite.. so wat i bought was

a shirt and a colour guide book which there is not on sale.. haiz.. also also also also.. i bought something i longed for.

know wat is tis.. ipod touch ? no la..


not empty wan ok.. got iPhone inside ok.. dun prey prey.

la la la slowly one by one i take out n here are all of it layout nicely. U can see from left.. the box, usb port, manual, dock, adapter,earphone and THE PHONE !

its not an ordinary ipod earphone.

lets on it.. hehe tis phone has been unlock.. TWICE.. why twice.. when i bought it its already unlock and good to use, then on the second day i experiment it to the level of trying to restore it to the original settings. AND IT BECAME A NEW LOCK APPLE PHONE. i was so scared .. cold sweat start dripping.. and im already in KL.. then go to the net search n search n seach for a solution and i finally got it unlock.. wah i tell u damn scary.. so now i can consider a pro iPhone.

when i finally got it working i cant call.. and then again seach n did some modification on the settings, and start calling my hse.. when it rang i was so happy but tired to jump and shout coz all tis took me hours to fix. Finish around 4am.

so now its back to good use and resting gayaly on the dock.

Okie now lets talk bout the features. Here is a picture quality of it. 2.0 megapixels.

say hi to my new spiderman family. hehe

tis is how it looks like when u slide to open the front page. Becase its unlock u can install loads of applications and get ur iPhone pimp. To a standard where u can boost the sound, change the wallpaper, record video.. but some applications u have to buy.

i have so many applications installed tat it goes has 2 pages and now close to 3.

lets try calling, here is the contact list.. no worries for those contact in ur old phone.. there is a third party application tat lets u transfer all the contacts.

When u click on the name tis shows up and then u can decide which to tap. and u will call. Sorry ah too pretty cannot show the number.

tis one i can give.. u can also use the keypad.

the sms system is damn cool.

u can listen to ipod.

Go online. watch youtube.

And next are not from apple. Tis are from those hackers tat contributed all their times to make a better iPhone for us

Nintendo games. Controllers is at the bottom.. touch screen.

Sketch. Lets u draw on ur phone. Like wacom tablet .. lol.

Mobile chat.. logs on to these supported chatting system.

really works.

Dictionary. Thesaurus. Oxford. Japanese to english. Kimochi. ANY !! it can even pronounce out the words .. but i dint install.

There are alot more out there. which i dint mention like
iFartz - shake it n it will fart.
Torchlight - Shake n the screen will chage colour.
Themes - changing the theme of ur iPhone.. mine is actually Apple Leopard theme.
Capture - a screen shot application which take pic of ur screen which i used for all the Screen shots.

well wat happen to my old phone.. hehehe my mom lost her phone and now tis is jus rite in time for her.


ITS CHEAPER.WITH 3g which i dont use. Have GPRS. Dun think is useful in malaysia.

Luckily Evonne foun a website showing how its actually not cheaper than the old one, with all the plans with the actual mobil company. A must. and u have to activate ur 3g in any apple shop. U cant do it urself. BUT !!! haiz


Jessica said...

omg. the phone totally pwned iTouch!! how much yuu got the phone? and i like the sms system! can view it like a chat!

should have asked my dad to change it to iPhone. lol.

Jeremy said...

the phone is near 2k. hahaha wait longer for the new one. get one n trade with me. HAHAHA