Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mc Savers... seriously saves

Remember the Big Mac chant from McD..

Jus when im done with y was on the 29th of May.. and the i was in Sungei Wang with the gangs. Lining up to get a free big mac and then .. i look at the back of it n it says expiry date. 28th May. No wonder no one was doing the chant, HAHAHA lucky i dint go in front ans start doing the chant.. DAMN MALU

But at least weve won one big mac from McD and it was thanks to Julian.

Jus look at his nervous face.. lau lan abit in the end .. LOL so we save on one big mac... hehehe

Next is this.

Kid Fun Meal card.. apply it every year for onli RM 2. Use it wisely..

Order anything over Rm 5 and get a free fries or a sundae for free. So the best way to save is.

Order one Mc Value Meal... and then get a free fries.

Bring along few frens...M3, Julian and Justin n secretly pass the card to them after you order.
When order.. order something over Rm 5 and present the card get another fries.

Since you can refil the drink dun bother to get another one...

U will jus end up like ordering a Meal. And small fries is about the same as medium.. Call me kiasu or not... who cares..

McD is making loads so its not cheating neway.. we have the card and it dint says you cant pass it to ur frens.

even the card does not belong to any of us..

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