Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Singa pura-pura

Been away last weekend to singapura. Drove there with mom and aunt... 4 hours trip. best time to

stayed in aunts place in geylang, Kallang

Nice scenery. HEHEHE but one bad thing is all the parking here, well most of it need to have a ticket for it.. and we wanted to park our car the whole day n we dont really know how tat thing works so we jus put a ticket for each hour.. took use 15 minutes to poke all the holes according to the hours..

kiasu oh.. in singapore ma.

First stop
Took MRT to the city for lunch.

Mom was so hungry and the place we eat have to queue so bought something while waiting in the line

this place is famouse for its soba.. because the fella lock inside tis room is a japanese who makes the soba without using any machines.

each mee is in the same thickness.. RESPECT.

when the food comes i dont even have a chance to take a pic of it.. and wat my moms eating is my portion coz mine came first..
After tat we start shopping.. its megasale in Sinapore now.. so Guess, Prada and also LV shops are all pack with ppl.. we even have to line up to get in the shops.. well not me but mom and aunt.

went to polo and tried on some clothes.. and when i walk in the dressing room.. i thought the promoter was making fun of me. its huge inside.. there is another side of this pic.. cant take the whole room and after this off to my LOVER.


yes every time i go singapore i mus get this. Its my favorite. Use to have it in Kl, Yaohan oug. When i was young i alwaz buy and then one day its jus disappear from Kl. Dont know why.

the way its made is also interesthing. First they will put some flour thing in a mold, then peanuts and cover with another layer of flour. Steam it in the end.

so kanchiong eating it almost forgotten to take a pic of it. LOL.

after walking alone leaving my parents we meet up at Takashimaya for dinner. I think the restaurant is call... erm cant remember.. TEO CHEW NANG.. isit wat the chinese word says.

all the teo chew foods are not very interesthing coz of the colours.. haha but its delicious. After dinner took MRT back to aunts place.

and saw this shop.. stop buy to try a doriyaki like cake.

logo so cute .. got conned !!

Next morning

Went market for breakfast. Interesting name. HAHA

each bowl is onli 2 dollar (dont convert) u cant get any RM2 here now in KL.

After tat we drove to VIVO, quite boring shopping complex. And once again i saw my LOVER. I cant resist

and buy it again, tis time is not so nice, tats why i stop and took a picture of it before it goes in my mouth.

actually it looks like a shell.. hm.. very nice. After VIVO went back to orchard again. Tis time i called LEEQ.. hehehe n we met up.. EI LEEQ WE LUPA AMBIL GAMBAR LA...! CIZ..!!

Oh and Chris look wat i have here.. but too bad

Oh Oh and guess who is saw in Singapore.. hehehe

Joana Xie.. woo hoo not in tis version.. haiz.. Doing some movie or ad i think.

together with her is Felicia Chin

And me and leeq were thinking will we see him.. and rite after tat he is there.. he is the world most handsome guy on earth

Steven Lim.. haha WASH YOUR EYES..here

ooo la la... kimochi..


Jessica said...

i find that parking system in singapore quite complicated. and where is that soba shop? and the shop name?

haha. did yuu tried before the normal doriyaki? omg. damn sweet man. i tried it because doraemon always make it seems so yummy.

OMG. that gay is world most handsome???? tell me yuu were being sarcastic!

Jeremy said...

hahaha .. the soba shop is in paragon.Rite next to the spaghetti shop. the lower floor.

Doriyaki yeah ITS nothing special LOL.. bloody doraemon makine me believe its some kind of super food.. hahaha trick me since young.

HAHAHA he himself declare it in his blog. stevenlim.net check it out.. LOL