Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Long long time ago.. when i was still in Aus. Visit Jone in Sydney. Have lots of fun. Went 3 sisters.

Rented a car and drove there. Was so excited to see the sisters.

In my mind it was this image all the time. Waited anxiously for 3 hours in the car and we finally arrived.

Credit to those who can actually guess all the girls ive imagine to be the 3 sisters.

Quite depressed all i see was 3 rocks ... which i think is nothing impressive but at least when someone talk bout 3 sisters, i wont fantasize anymore.

but its a fun place to go if you are with the right company. I went there with Evonne and Jone. So its FUN.

Steve Irwin jus strike me when Jon was videoing with his camera. So we decided to do a few episodes.

Episode 1 : The rise of Steve Irwin.

Things to look out in this video.
1. 00.25 Jone starts being abit gay.
2. 00.29 i said Nike, i think Evonne thought i say ugly.
3. 01.26 there is a fly trying to kiss me.

Neway episode 2 will be up soon. Episode 2 : Steve Irwins Brother

Oh by the way, if u guys wana see how 3 sisters is, i have one in my room.

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