Friday, June 20, 2008

A post For Chris. (bro)

Yo pher. guess wat i got. Take a look.

woo hoo another kotobukiya artfx Spider-man. Damn Chun

hehehe cannot tahan the chunness.

the size is about the same as the one on flag pole.

But the main reason of tis post is not tat.. hehe its this

ehehe recognize the box ?

Yes its ur Tifa.. finally i got it for u. EHEHE but once again its not about tis Tifa too.

Ask you something..Do you miss ur figures.. ive take some pics to show you how are they..

Your final fantasy advent children are all still posing strong.. nothing fell..

youe narutos are doing fine..

and also your havent have chance to put on display final fantasy 7 game version, they are still sitting quietly in their box.

Strange thing is.. its weird.. theres something beside ur cupboard. So i went n open it up. Guess wat i found !


Ive got it for you.. they are here.. !! THEY ARE HERE !! IN YOUR ROOM NOW !!


Cait Sith and red XIII.

Vincent Valentine

Sephiroth anak lelaki Jenova

Yuffie anak pompuan Entah.

HAHAHA wan to see the whole thing ?? wait la.. wait for you to come back and open.. havent open yet .. HEHEHE

Next post.. something to do with Barcelona.


Jessica said...

omg omg omg omg. yuu and brother damn rich wtf. yuu bought all that four for yur bro?

damn i love yur bother's collection!! *envy *envy

Jeremy said...

hahaha.. no la aku tak beli for him.. i jus help him take his order onli...he has to pay ! not so rich yet.