Thursday, June 26, 2008

CRIKEY !! Part 2 !

Dying to see wat happen next to Crikey... well dont worry.

more to see more to come.

we went to the 3 sisters with tis mitsubishi something something.. (im bad at cars)

It was a nitemare at 3 sisters.. nitemare .. its like a kingdom of flies. or like in LOTR Sauron is tired of orcs and decided to spawn flies instead...

they were everywhere and we start competing who has the most fly on their back..

Neway here is

PART 2 : Steve Irwins Brother

Things to look out in this video.
1. 00.17 acted like nothing happen coz there is someone coming
2. 00.21 Jone has big nose
3. 00.37 Jone actually lift the bottle over me from my bag.
4. 00.52 When evonne ask how to zoom in, i think she is forcing the lens to zoom, jus listen (ouch)

Next .... PART 3 : The New Bird

eventually we lost to this uncle on the fly contest.

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