Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Recently alot of creepy crawlers appear near my toilet. But they are jus small and easy to kill or they are jus scared of you. They usually come out at nite and im used to bath late at nite. So one day..

as usual i bath later that day.

i find it uneasy when im bathing as in there is something staring at me.. and the i heard a splat sound. It was a lizard. oh well its jus a lizard.. i shoo it away..n then

when i look at the door where the lizard went out.. it was there.. a big cockroach staring rite to my eyes..

in my mind i was praying pls dont be those tat knows how to fly..

Right after tat thought it immediately flap it wings open.. i was like WTF !! IM DEAd !

straight away it flew towards me.. i have to act fast b4 it hit any part of my body (im naked) imagining it crawling THERE.

quickly i hit it with my bare hangs feeling disgusted, but the worst thing is.

it drop on my feet and crawl itself to safety..

after it crawl off my feet, i grab a broom in my toilet and start smacking.

simply whack and smack..

that idiot was smart enough to stay on my broom so wat i did was..

stuff my whole broom into the loo..

its suffered and drown..n i flush it away.. PHEW...


Jessica said...

omg. so funny. hahaha.

but it wont be funny if this happens to me. actually happened to me before when i was showering. i accidentally step on the cockroach but didn't squash it, then it climbs through my toes and across my leg wtf. i screams like mad and got scolded by my uncle because he thought what serious thing happened. >.>

but, cockroach is a serious thing what right??? wtf.

Jeremy said...

YEAH !! its i a damn serious thin.. throw tat to ur uncle n mom n see how loud they scream.. LOL

SK said...

haha...very funny. Yea, cockroaches are disgusting especially their legs. Hate to see them crawling around. What i usually do when i see a cockroach is to rush to get my weapon, not a broom, but "RIDSECT". The most powerful and useful weapon..haha. After using it you will immediately see the effect - the cockroach will run around and then overturn itself.

Next time bring ridsect with u to the bathroom yea.

Jeremy said...

hha after later u come out also RIDESECT smell.. coz i sure shoot till the fella kau kau lat wan..