Friday, June 27, 2008

CRIKEy !! Part 3 !

Tis can really be the poster for the upcoming movie (i hope) THE FLY 3

it was lots of fun doing some trekking here, stop all the pit stop jus to take pictures.

If you guys are observant, u mus know now why we fold up our pants.

it was a wet day.. the land is wet.. and full of mud holes. Very risky to go trekking like tis.

and once again. PART 3 : The New Bird.

Things to look out.
1. 00.12 Evonne have walk out from the scene realizing im gona do something stupid.
2. 00.17 The bottle in PART 2 appears.
3. 00.25 Cameraman checking me out (Jone)
4. 01.23 He really looks farnie, too bad his eyes were not seen here.

Come back for PART 4 : In touch with the 3. (last episode)

and also a side story... A death defying act by Evonne.

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