Sunday, June 15, 2008

SOLO.. :(

I have never do tis by myself before.. really my first time.

After meeting with my client i dcided to go look for evonne in mid valley. N its around 1 pm. She is working and onli finish around 7pm. So wat i did there is really a life of a single no fren life day. Its a long day.

First thing i did SOLO was line up for tickets. Listening to music myself on my mp3 player. Feel so lonely. Everyone in front or at the back of me at least have someone to talk to.

the queue was very long coz its a friday. After long waiting i finally got my tckets. But the show starts at 4pm. Its around 3pm. Have to waste some time.

next stop.. SOLO arcade. Went in walk around and see wat i can play for long and finally decided, change 2 tokens.

played Time Crisis 2 SOLO, cant even finish the first boss. And then went to play SOLO bishi bashi, game where u need to hit the buttons quickly .. still cant win the bloody Music afro stage.

finally the time comes for my movie. Oh before tat, tats when i went n bought my TaiPhone protector.

Went in.. with my SOLO popcorn. Show starts. Thought i was lonely but rite next to me is even lonelier. SOLO MALAY Girl.

at least she doest feel alone.. during the whole movie she was talking to herself.


while she was talking to herself on my right there is tis 3 fella, Gal sitting in th middle asking load shits of questions bout hulk. And being a guy who think he knows it all, his fren keep explaining to her wats happening. HAIZ....

questions like.
Is tis the first movie ?
How come he like tat wan ?
Tat guy look familiar, wat movie is he in before ?
oh. his father isit ? etc etc.

after it ends i sat there alone, when everyone has walk out from the cinema.. i was hoping there will be a scene rite in the end.. but the credits is too long... sat there for 5 minutes, n the credits is still rolling. CBF anymore.

after the movie i went and sit in front of where Evones gona come down. Hoping she will jus pop out from the door. Sat there around half an hour... nothing and then jus continue my journey of SOLOing. Luckily Poh Kong has some road show going on.

im not looking at those gold or diamonds... hehehe jus the girls. After tat went SOLO fo awhile and Evonne called saying she is done.. WOO HOO.

after seeing her im relief my day of going SOLO is finally over. Finish our dinner and off we go. She drove so we have to go our separate way back home.

on my way back to the parking.. i saw tis !

ORDER straight away.

U can choose from coconut, peanuts or i think is red bean..

packaging is better than the one i bought in Singapore.

Skill of making.. quite suck... And the taste.

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Jessica said...

*sigh. i share yur feelings on the malay girl.

iron man