Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Spidey Family

Hm.... should i get another Gundam ? really dilemma... should i should i !!! ciz..

Nvm let me continue dilemma-ing, ok, wah i puasa Spidey for quite some time d, i did not buy any spidey related products for a damn long time. So i went to get my hand painted cast in lead collectors figurine. Introducing frm left to right, Shocker, Chameleon and the Hob Goblin !!!

and together they join the spidey family...

OH i also got a Mr Potato spidey edition from one of Evonnes colleague, hahaha, never in my life i thought of getting one of these but because its free and its spidey who cares !!

it comes with all a Peter Parker face too, u know how Mr Potato toys work rite, u have all tis parts and u can mess around with, snap it anywhere u like, so i made myself a Spidey villain.

BEHOLD... Pinkuchiou !!

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