Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The relief.. from test

The last time ive ever felt like tis was like 6-7 years back, not when im sitting for SPM ( tat i dont feel anything coz i jus dont) it was when i need to sit for the car exam.

I felt exactly the same today as today is my final super bike exam. When i was sitting down i dont feel anything but when my name was called, after the bloody long wait, like 54 humans before me,

i stood and n i cant feel my legs. To make things worst im the first one is going to take the superbike test.

To add to the Gementarness.. everyone is asking u, takut tak, takut tak, ish ish nasib la sekarang tengok nasib la, boleh tak ?

and i have to answer them with confidence with abit of doubt, mesti boleh...

Today will b the last day im turning into 2 colours. No more trainign under the hot sun.

Today will be the last day im worried from falling off the bike, yeah the picture above is real, i fell from the bike not once..

but twice, the first time the bike landed on my leg, really embarrassing, i really fell with the bike, damn 7 heavy, but jus a couple of bruises on my knee

but it all pays off, i have learn from balancing myself on the titi, doing emergency break, making the lapan turning thing, doing sharp turning (tats when i fell the first time), parking ( second time i fell but with skill [coz experience d]), to waving my hands while stopping, smile while u walk back to the resting area after u fell, get scolded and handle it with a smile, making friends, control my nervousness and to sum it up...

I PASS !!!

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