Monday, July 12, 2010

Trekking in the sky

Tis skytrex thing happened a long long time ago, till now onli i got the inspiration to blog about it.

Here is a picture of that sacred place. Its in Taman Pertanian, the place where u go ride ride bicycle.

but before i start, i would like to show a few pics of my beloved fren. He was complaining that he has no pics during tat whole skytrex thing.

These are jus a few shots of him, there are more actually, so SF if u see tis,

he manja manja onli. LOL. Look at all the activity he and his fingers are doing.

Here is a group pic of the gang that went... can see or not ? See anyone familiar ?

can you find me inside or anyone of us ?

Of course not, that is because its not even us in there, its just M3, LOL behind.

Tis is the actual gang tat went. Small but strong and tough, and strong and tough and strong.

Kamen rider strong and tough. We have to wear our gears before we head to the training ground. Right after training the real thing begin.

Steps to remember.
1. Lock here
2. Lock there
3. Lock there again.
4. Make sure its lock.

Screw it i forgotten the steps d.

First, survive the long shaking ladder climbing which is tall like hell, tiring.

and for the first task, its shaking flying fox, a very long one, and if its your first time doing those locking here locking there, its really scary, i check my gears 5-6 times before jumping off the platform.

Then we have shaking rope crossing.

Shaking pipe crossing

Stub crossing. Basically its jus staying on the trees, crossing here crossing there, flying here and flying there.

Survive for 3 hours not falling from the trees and you are done.

RM45 for 3 hours on the trees its worth the experience. Its fun and tiring, not to mention u will stink like suan suan (masin masin)

And please please make urself comfortable when u wana participate. I look like a bloody ah pek here but im comfortable. I came prepare. Pouch (personal), water bottle (personal), water bottle pouch (pinjam), glove (beli sana) and a pink camera with a striking pink lanyard (personal).

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