Tuesday, July 21, 2009


No Excuse.
No Explanation.
Jus Gone.
And now Back.

What makes me come back, tis.

Bought myself a DSLR Canon 500D. SHIOKS !!!!

But i have forgotten all the basic stuff and im starting back from scratch. So still experimenting with it.

A picture of Max.

Crazy 15.1 mg which i super zoom.

Zoom from tis pic.

Thats all for now la, still havent bring back my momentum yet in blogging, felt abit virgin-ish, Like jus started blogging.

Bagi aku masa sikit but for sure



wen said...

gd, now i got canon kaki. all my frens mostly nikon!

btw, i hv upgraded to canon 50D... hihihi......with some other lens liao...kikikiiii...

Jessica said...

finally yuu're back! welcome back!

i like that picture of max!

Jeremy said...

haha woo hoo i got kaki also .. hah but i got saupei lense lol.. slowly la.

yeah yeah ada orang suka me come back