Sunday, August 9, 2009

Defender of The Universe

Im sure some of you might ring a bell when i say the defender of the universe.

Its VOLTRON... it was one of the best the shiok the keng the hebat cartoon during my childhood and its still is. So without hesitation i bought it from xl-shop.

Ever heard of the origins of Voltron. Let me tell you.

Long long time ago, live a bloody horny black lion.

so hamsap tat it spread its love to any lioness he saw.

and tis red lion gave birth to a green lion. Red lion thought they can settle down as a family.

but nothing is stopping black lion, black lion cheated on red lion and went to find yellow lion which is way bigger than red lion.

and so yellow lion gave birth to blue lion.

although black lion is horny he is a responsible lion, he decide to married red lion and yellow lion promising to raise his cubs.

but as we see frm the pic above, black lions is never happy his head is always down.

Damn! black lion head is alwaz down is because its damn bloody loose.... RM198 for tis crap plastic... really one disappointing piece of masterpiece(shit) .. the plastic is so bad tat it looks like its frm pasar malam, everything seems to b so loose and it looks damn fragile, im afraid to do any super posing with the lions.. haiz sad la... sad... but wat to do cildhoos memories, even my mom came in and say

"ei tis tis last time u all like wan,, Voltron rite ?"

lucky i preordered it and i can save RM50, if not really saddening.

jus ignore all of the crapness of the quality, put it in my cabinet jus for display and leave it there, not doing anything to it.

see see the video.. 5.30pm (tats when all the nice cartoons start when i was young) weekdays dunno wat channel... ooooo shioks....


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