Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steam @ Julian (really Steam)

Played with my camera abit.. since its the hungry ghost festival month,

TERCUBA with tis long aperture super scary shot.

and also take a look at the pic below, its Tohs room.

i was surprise to see it, dint know he likes construction truck, bet he likes Bob the Builder alot when he was young.

and finally i try to log in my blog with his laptop and i found tis... so now we know all those weird and farnie names tat appeared in my chat box belongs to who..

actually nothing much to talk bout the steam boat at Julians place but we really had alot of fun again.

of course we eat, drink,


did some ass banging , look at Aden why is he so so into it, it was jus for fun, he looks so professional n concentrate.

we also experiment with empty spring pocket, how it looks like if you have no balls. SAGGY SCROTUM

and after all the fun we have to help clean up the hse, after all the mess we made.

Thing is i took tons of pics but i dont want to show those nice ones, but i would like to show the ugly side of each and everyone,

there are 2 winners for the uggliest shot, wondering why Julian doesnt have any ugly shot ? im being fair to him coz he had a super duper humiliation,

But for the one with the most interesting shot is Toh.


not gona say anything bout tis pic, but i find it interesting,

and now Julians super duper humiliation.... sadness.

sniff sniff .. tears of joy

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Jessica said...

wah post here somemore the video..
yuu sure he dun mind?