Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For those who dont know, wacom bamboo is like a pencil mouse, which obviously u can use it for you computer,

and i got myself one, i brought it to office, coz i damn kanchiong, tried to use it,

and so did my colleagues, hehehe.

And so i will be showing what we have draw using bamboo wacom. Hehehe, its all done in office, sh.... dun let my boss know.

Vincents masterpiece

2 of Adelines masterpiece


and second

Huey Yees artwork


and second

Jeremys masterpiece


and the second one

Ah Thens lukisan


and kedua

and finally mine...

HUA LA !!!!!

i was shock also i can draw tis... with tat short amount of time but of course Then did guide me.

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