Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guitar Hero goes well with ANYTHING

Selamat Hari Raya too all my fellow malay frens,


They all my primary best frens, read about them alot in textbooks.

i also went n buy lemang on the road side, but im never gona buy it again frm tat stall, i was craving for it seeing them by the road side while im driving back.

See them so semangat during raya also sell, stop by n spent RM18 for a lemang and 2 different types of rendang. Wish her selamat hari raya sumore. Took the lemamng home... really raya for me, curry was so salty n sour, dunno isit busuk d or she put lemon on her rendang, some part of the lemang is charred. Haiz there goes my lemang crave.

But neway, if so you dont know,

AKU ADA GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR ! set came with 1 Drum set, a mic and 1 Guitar, but the picture shows 2 coz i got myself another one !!!! Now its consider perfect band.

tis was when we dint get the second guitar, someone have to use the drum bass paddle as an instrument.

with almost 150 songs to jam with, its really a party or group entertaiment in all occasions.

it can go with steamboat with the families, tats my granma using the drum stick to poke out meat frm the crab.

a nice way to strengthen the families relationship frm the east to the west. LOL

goes reely well after korean BBQ too

it was meant for 4 players but there is no singer so we jus jam along without a singer.

jamming rite after a spicy nasi lemak dinner.

a complete band of 4 when everyone is everywhere, veli relax n laybank wan. no pressure.

who knows rite if we practice alot rite we might b famous, and someone frm the band jus thought he's tat good and decided to go solo, but i have predict some album covers la.

My album.
hit single: i aint cacat jus retarded

Justins album
hit single: i love someone but im using my blog to express it hopes she understand tat its for her, im so emo emo emo emo.

Julians album
hit single: yo, i listen to my phone almost everywhere, car, eat, drumming, cumming.

Tohs album
hit single: I BITE !

Ah Wais album
hit single: sorry ive been a sinner playing video games.

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