Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go Fly Kite


It was saturday and we have plan tis for quite some time, at last we r able to gather humans together for tis kite fying session.

Our first stop was in Curve, for lunch, Ikea meatballs. We did stumble upon tis gigantic Selangor Pewter. Jooks climb up and took a pic with it.

After lunch we head to the kite site, Kepong.

Tempatnya lapang ! and beautiful

Lucky i brought my kite along, but not all has a kite. But not to worry, they are lots of kites selling there.

and here we have the kite gang, each and evryone of us has a kite.

so everyone was so excited started running around with the kite, but bloody hell, only then we notice tat there is no wind at all..

there is no hope at all for my super kite, i use to jus throw it up the air and it starts hovering, but its not happening today

sampai our uncle also tulan dun wan play, LOL

Han trying his luck la, he thought his kite can fly without running and jus walking around the field

kite cannot fly but dunno how they got entangled together.

one kid running around with his ben10 kite and it jus hit Jaemy because its not flying.

weather hot, no wind, sunny, wats best to do with the kite... yeah the above.

Haiz we gave up la, sian d.

so we jus main take pic.

the jumping part was hard, keep on doing it till we are satisfied,

it was a tired day with weather like tat,

at about 6pm more humans came, more pros came and they manage to fly it, so i guess i cant say no wind but no skill, haha

have to salute tis kid, he so semangat, i think he came not long after us and he was running around with his kite whole day but its jus not in the air.

and so tats the end of our jumping shot day, not fly kite anymore...

but neway i like tis shot of soon alot, his expression... macam mau hentam orang and damn bisen face...

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