Saturday, April 9, 2011


Thanks to Justin who started the war of the magazine cover.

very good effort from him, kudos but because he mess with the wrong person.. im like are u kidding me doing all tis to a graphic designer is jus asking for trouble and yeah he is in trouble..

i was telling him i have another magazine cover but ill have to see if anyone is interested seeing the other magazine cover.

Havent been going out and chilling with the gangs.. its been awhile since we did all tis, everyone is so hook up with their own life on weekdays tat we onli have time for each other during weekends... i know tis sounds gay but u wont know how fun n nice we were when we are together...

its fun because.. whenever someone buys anything there will definitely b something embarrassing goin on everytime. Gang will gather around the cashier and start kutuking anyone tat buy anything in the gang... n i bought something tat day..

not onli i was embarrassed by them but i cant even keep my nice paperbag...

tis uncle is for toh to see.. onli me and him know who he is.. HAHAHAHAh WING CHUN Uncle !!

up-close for the first time, tractor, really huge and its not easy to master tis thing

house is looking good... cant wait to shift in...

going pai san tmr morning lu... preparing all the things..

but so happy tat i went out with Julian and friends yesterday to chill also..

have not met them for quite sometime so its nice to finally meet up with them again and bergembira..

tis is jus a pose.. no one was dead drunk tat day but everyone was having a great time !

Pillow fights !

oh not onli i see familiar faces but i meet new ppl as well.

and my beloved aps i found out from justin, hehehe Pocket Booth never fails to take good precious pics.

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