Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uno Bruno

10th of April 2011 the day when Bruno Mars came, the day when i finally get to listen to him live...

The small concert was held in PWTC but when we reach there its was so quiet... no posters, banners or even fans.. we reach there like 8pm and the concert starts at 8pm.

But knowing all tis concert does not start on time, we took our own sweet time going there and because it was numbered seats there isnt anythign to be worried about.

it was so quiet that i need to double check my tickets to double confirm its in PWTC and actually ask a passerby where is it hahahah Relief after seeing him with a bruno mars tag on his neck... phew

and so we went in the hall... it wasn't wat i expected.. it was full but its kinda small, doesn't feel like a concert at all. But wat are all tis things for me to worry as long as i can hear him sing.

and yeah i went with my couz and her frens hahaha, she said she was damn excited coz tis is the first time she paid for a concert hahaha..

AND HERE HE IS !! came out at 9pm and while he was running towards the drum set, he tripped but lucky he did not fall.. if tat happens it will b like damn EPIC !!! lol

so here he is la, im sure u can find better quality pics or even videos of him performing, u get the picture la, no point me putting all those bad quality videos rite.. its best if you are there experience it !!

there was tis couple in front of me.. haiz damn kasihan i look at them i feel like telling them WOI !! WTF la so 'lum' also u never hug her while he was singing.. play hangphone ?! WTF better give the tix to those tat know how to menghayati him rite...

but there are ppl who really go overboard la like really so so into him that she is in trance not giving a damn to the ppl beside her. Which im referring to the girl sitting next to me. She was like dancing and moving around shaking singing out loud !! like very loud!! Her hands waving up and down, i had my fist ready if she hits me, LOL

The whole thing was kinda short la. I wanted more.. and HE DID NOT SING THE TALKING TO THE MOON SONG !!!

hahah I thought was so nice ah got buffet when the concert ends, hahah its empty wan ler..

Cousinly love, my first concert with them, hehehe we had a great time.

The excitement doesn't jus end there.

I have tis msg from FB right b4 I go to the concert.. i was like WOOT !!!

and then ppl start adding me up on FB, it keeps coming n coming n coming, no mutual frens jus random humans.. so curious i pick and ask a few of them

Im like WAT....!!! Ppl jus add you because they like ur video haha so tats how FB works la

and it gets better.. and better...

A sad video I made turn up to be something ppl admire and love so much... im flattered la, really happy


hm... should I make another one...hehehehe

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