Friday, July 13, 2007

Movie Marathon.

Since im jobless, i have plenty of free time. I dont onli dota, i also watch alot of movies. All these movie i got from a great source.

All the movies i watch was supplied by him. MUA HAHAHA
Movies i have watch.

See the cheerleader, see me stand..

Not bad, makes me feel like moving

Same as the first one, SUCK

Funny and entertaining.

Makes me wonder how did he eddie murphy do it.

Ooo, so that how it all started.

Watch the first time ok, second time NOISY

Is he the guy from napoleon dynamite ?

This is GOODAAAAAA !!!

Here are some scenes you might not have in MALAYSIA, IF u watch it in cinema, If u buy DVD from pasar malam or dl, u might have a chance to watch it

when i say these part i ask Lessayno ( my movie supplier) do they have these scene in the cinema and he say YES... not bad.. no censorship in aussie. KENG !

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shui fen said...

wow... really marathon worh! hhahah. watch until so many movies.