Saturday, July 14, 2007


I think everyone has been talking bout transformers the movie everywhere. How good it is, how bestest of the best it is. My fren even call me up after watching this movie telling me i cant miss it, have to watch it in cinema. Then i ask some of my frens in msn how was it, all also say nice. So i mus go and watch.

After watching it i went back n search stuff bout it, coz quite confuse vit all the characters and after knowing who is who in the cartoon,i found out something else. There was a PREQUEL b4 this movie but it was in comic book. Here is the story. Here is the Plot of the story

This is Bumblebee real look in Cybertron.

Optimus Prime and Lord High Protector Megatron ruled Cybertron, protecting the Allspark, an enormous cube of energy that gave life to the Transformers. However, Megatron secretly desired the Allspark's power for himself, and formed a like-minded army of separatists -- the Decepticons -- with Starscream at his side. He then plunged Cybertron into civil war, killing millions. During the Battle of Tyger Pax, Autobot Bumblebee leads a team to hold back overwhelming odds whilst Prime attempts to launch the Allspark into space, making a last-ditch attempt to prevent Megatron from claiming it, even at the cost of their civilization. Bumblebee loses his own voice-box in the process, but the Allspark leaves Cybertron. A determined Megatron flies into space to find it, and Bumblebee volunteers to find it before he does.
Megatron, keeping a close psychic bond with the Allspark, soon locates it on Earth. Heating up during entry into the atmosphere, he crashes and sinks under the Arctic ice sheets. The sudden temperature drop and loss of energon forces him into stasis lock. In 1897, the National Arctic Circle Expedition headed by Captain Archibald Witwicky discovers Megatron, and the human is promptly driven insane by the Decepticon. At the Boston Secure Hospital, the government takes great interest in his story and the Sector 7 group begin excavating Megatron, codenamed the "Mega-man". In 1902, the Allspark is discovered to be in the Colorado River,and by 1935, work begins on the Hoover Dam over it with plans to move Megatron there.
In 2003, Bumblebee lands on Mars before landing in Virginia, and takes up the form of a 1977 Chevrolet Camaro. Designated N.B.E - 2, he avoids Sector 7's gaze, forcing Agent Simmons to step up an operation to capture him. Bumblebee begins finding information on Captain Witwicky, and Sector 7 attempt to spring a trap with a replica Allspark. Starscream, Blackout and Barricade follow suit, destroying the Beagle 2 rover in the process,and defeat Sector 7's trap. They let Bumblebee escape as they know he can lead them to the Allspark. Elsewhere, Sam Witwicky is given his ancestor's glasses.A Target Corporation-exclusive follow-up shows Bumblebee tracking down Sam by checking outside Archibald's asylum and looks for his son Clarence to Springfield, Missouri, where he learns of his son Herbert, his six children and starts to look for each, one-by-one. All the while he is being followed by Sector 7 and Barricade.

After all of the thing i search then i tell Ah Toh i have finally watch it. Then he told me Megan Fox was hot. For a sudden i thought hm....i cant think of any Autobots or Decepticon tat looks like a fox.

manatau ini Megan Fox, memang HOT

He is all grown up now acting in transformers..

This movie memang nice i have to say. I dont like to say this but ya its true, its better than spider-man 3. (sniff sniff)

Ok la, got to go now, see ya then. TUKAR !

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