Friday, July 13, 2007


Before my holidays i actually have plan for my whole entire holidays. I even have a timetable prepared. Lets have a look.

Yes you dont have to rub ur eyes, its yoga and i have been to yoga once and its free. My life will be so perfect if onli i have followed this timetable but things alwaz dint turn out the way u want.. im jobless, 10 resume out not even a call. NVM. Because i cant find a job my life is still fun but without using moey so ill jus stay at home and this is my current timetable.

I need to do something with my timetable, if i continue to be follow it ... DEAD i am.

This is DOTA

if i play more i will be CHAUTAR !


shui fen said...

omg! are yuu sure yur face looked like that?!?! or yuu photoshop wan??

yes, guess yuu really have to do something! *lol* why kind of job yuu applying worh? until send 10 resume also still kenot?

Jeremy said...

Photoshop punya la.. aiyo gila meh ..hahaha, wat typr of job ah.. ANYKIND.. lol