Friday, December 12, 2008

8TV Experience More PICHA !!

Thanks Jaemy. Got the pictures liou WOOO HOO.

Once again if its not for Jaemy i wont have this wonderful experience. He smsed me one day calling me to go for casting for this up coming 8tv ad. N i say oh what the hell jus go for it, so i did.

Went for casting and eventually got it. Wah so excited man so excited when i got the news.
FYI : tv3 building is the same as 8tv thats why i got this tv3 visitor tag.

On that very day, woke up 5am and we gathered in 8tv building. Even my dogs were like WTF is he sleep walking.. he wont wake up this early..

Parked my car and off we go to the next stop. NTV 7 abandoned studio.

Dont ask me where isit, i dont know all i know its empty and no one works there anymore..

First thing i felt being a talent.

Yes the term use for us is talent. Tried to help carry bags and Paul was like

"no no no u dont do tat, u r a talent"

WOW WOW... cool LOL

Right when we reached there, MAKE UP !! TRANSFORM !! it took quite awhile coz there is onli one make-up artist. Another talents feeling, getting to put on thick makeups so thick that my face looks flawless.

While the other crew busy preparing the set

took turns waiting for make-up and after that dressing up, Basically i jus stand and the costume designer, Paul jus wear those bling blings on me. ooOOOoo Talents feeling.

bukan senang tau make-up, bukan senang at all..

The outcome was.. hehehe not me..

yeap.. once everyone is done. Itroducing the talents.. from left to right Bryan, Michelle, M3 and Sean (our manazer)

Off we go to do our thang.

its was tiring ad we took quite alot of shots, reapeating the same action each time and its not tat fun when it goes for the fifth time.

and the place was foggy, not misty, its real smoke and its suffocating, even tat fella cant take it.. wat to do we are talents.

Another talent moment, when i was sweating, make-up artist wipe it for me. I wanted to do it myself but she just finish it for me...oooo la la

and finally the first scene (which is going to be the last) was done and then we went to transform ourselves again into..

ordinary ugly humans.

There was this scene where we need to PRETEND to fight, and ya accident happens, stage was too small, fought too real, too over exaggerating and PHU... Bryan fell oh the stage.

Lucky no one was injured.

so so so so so so so so we move on, a few more shots in the studio and will head to the public area.

looking like this, we park our car at Asia Cafe, walk to one place to another,

Lucky mine was in a indian barber shop near subang but too bad for Bryan and Michelle

the scene was rite inside Asia Cafe, and so lucky there is an event in Asia Cafe and it was pack with humans.. but hey
we are talents, we can do anythign anywhere.

Its a Wrap ! everyone cheers with joy ! That wrap phrase thing is for real, haha. N the relief from hearing tat phrase 'its a wrap' does make u feel damn happy coz finally everything is over.

the sweat, the make up, the excitement..

It was really a wonderful experience. Seriously wonderful and ya wonderful.

Once again, get ur ass pin on ur sofa, forget astro, forget tvb, forget mtv, tune to 8tv n wait. Or or you can watch it ehem ehem... here ? but it will be a different feeling watching it on the TV.


Jessica said...

i dun get to watch the tv as my uncle watching is most of the time so i see the video at the website. haha. yuu looked so cute!

eh. what about the video of yuu in the black jacket? not out yet?

Jeremy said...

haha tat black jacket one not out yet, n i dun think it will come out tat fast.. will let u know when its out wooo hoo !!