Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This has somethign to do with my car. Well not my car, my bros car.

Tis is wat happened. Me, Toh n my dad went dinner in Damansara. Then.. we head back home. On the way back i was damn damn damn Kap Liu (piss) i cannot hold it any longer, i cant even drive properly so we stopped by a pertol station, BHP near Sunway.

Stop the engine, everyone get out of the car.. cant wait to go toilet, and my car suddenly..

OMG.. FYI my car has an auto lock system.. i left my keys inside as my mind has onli one goal which is PISS.

I look at Toh, he looks at me, u wouldnt want to know how my dad looks like, can see quite hitam, but i dint care bout it until im done with my kencing, rush to the toilet and then clear up all my bladder, walk out from the toilet and i said..


i was super down and super sad, was gona go for a movie later.

3 of us sit and waited for help to arrive. Call a bunch of people for help and finally we had everything sort out. Julian will go to my house and take the spare key while Ah Wai will fetch Evonne and go to collect the movie tickets.

Wait and wait...

Dad made frens with the workers in that petrol station.

When u are desperate u tend to try all sort of stuffs.

AH Wai suggested that we try this.

1. Call home. Use that spare key and point at ur house phone.

2. Use your handphone and point to your car.

3. Press the controller to unlock from the house so that the radio wave can transfer from your house phone to your handphone and unlock ur car.

OMG is tat even possible, when i told my uncle that he was like.. er.... SO KENG AH.. but we tried anyway.

LOL dint work, but then i really want to try it one more time to see it really works or not.

Wonder what will those ppl thinking when they see us doing it. LOL. Hope it doesnt come out in any Amazing vedoes caught on tape or watever shit.

had some moments with my dad while waiting,

even suggested to take a pic with my dad since we had nothing to do, jus to calm him down abit so he wont scold me for being so dumb.. LOL

And in the end, our saviour arrives and my dad drive home the car and we followed Julians car for movie.


Once again, what are frens are for rite.. thanks. But now i have earn another stupidity points from them. LOL.


Jessica said...

fren in need is a fren indeed. :)

Jeremy said...

hahah kawan memang kawan selama lamanya. HEHEHE