Monday, December 8, 2008

Tidak Benar.

If u seen the cbox u have a link from Molly. Click on it and u will see this..

This website cant be trusted.. LOL. Here are some proof.

Ive tried it on few other blogs and here are some of the results.

Isit because of the emoness that makes his blog looks like a womans blog ?

I dont know why but sorry Jaemy, urs the higest of all the blogs i tried, u are more girly than i thought. LOL.

But not to worry we were join by one of the famous blogger in Malaysia. Kenny will be damn piss if he sees this. LOL.

I thought it was jus gona show all the woman percentages but then later on i tried this.

Chris blog was the onli one they guess its written by a guy. But its 53% which means they cant really guess it also cos there is a 47% it might b a womans blog.

And then i tried again another blog which is.. ehem..

How can they not know and not guess, its so obvious this is done by a guy. It should be like 100% written by a guy.

SO therefore this website cannot be trusted. Im sorry Molly. LOL.

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