Sunday, February 21, 2010

Before I start New Year work.

One week of holiday and tmr im gona start work... back to normal life again. But one week past so quickly,

New year sure balik kampung wan lo...

plan to leave early in the morning but then useless also, no matter how early u are u will still get stuck in jam.. n to make it worst, u onli need one policeman standing at the side of the road doing nothing, n cause the jam...ciz

as i mention on the precious post, a new member has been added to my balik kampung life... DiDi, or should i say DeeDee Dexters worst nitemare, i dunno wat breed is the dog, but im guessing poodle coz the owner sendiri also dunno.

CNY is hot damn hot no matter where u are or how many times u bath, rite after u chnage u touch ur ketiaks it starts to sweat.

but u will feel warmer coz all of ur family members all come back bernjoy njoy berhappy happy. Veli warm punya. Tats why before cny mus all gather n makan.

8 dish before the end of CNY to make it more HUAT !!

8 more dishes on the first day of CNY LAGI HUAT !!

not to forget lo.. the red packets... first thing u wake up in the morning on the first day of CNY u shout GONG XI FATT CHAI !!!! all the ang pau will then come... giving a kiss on the hands does not give u any extra ang pau.. coz i did it to everyone n nothing happened jus one ang pau.

nian kau, eat d can grow tall wan. Granmas specialty.

best durian, makan durian during CNY u will get more HUAT !!

but too bad la not everyone in my family likes it.. so not so HUAT for them, hahahaha

and during the nite, we also have lots of activities.

one of it is chasing after fireworks, i was running while snapping,

but luckily had a few shots la,

so far tis was the best shot i got, not satisfy but good try hahahaha.

we have Wii boxing competition also, lose some weight after all those non stop eating during the day.

also its one of my couz bday, the dog owner, the december girl on the calendar, her bday falls on valentine and tis year CNY, triple celebration giler.

when it all ends time to tidur, tidur part abit susah, not so much space for us.

so wat we did was we slept on the living hall.. and tats the end of my malacca CNY

Balik KL got go alot visiting but dint take much pics... abit the regret.. these are moments... but nvm show some onli la.

Justin admiring his growing trunk.

Back in KL memang malapetaka for me.. im known as CHOY SUN TAI.

But i jus wana emphasize we dint gamble. Kita main caturrrrrr.... saja. (if u watch woo hoo u will understand) (if u dint shame on u)

we play alot of catur, many types, 2 cards catur, 3 cards catur, 5 cards catur and also 13 cards catur.

but all the games tis is how i look like in my frens eyes. why ah....

To sum up my week.

No. of Lou sang : 3

No. of lion dance: 0 (ciz)

No. of hses visited: 5 (NOT ENUF!!)

No. of red packet: Not telling

No. of added fat: i think got 1kg d

No. of catur lost so far: ......... 250 pain pain pain pain..... damn pain

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