Friday, February 12, 2010

Micro Lens

HAHAHA first thing i realize after seeing the pics... see u all can spot or not... not important

long long time ago i bought tis lense liou, have been taking pics with it, quite chun.

here are some shots i experiment

main main with benda pepejal abit.

then also took my brothers figure to main main

kadaj lo, but then feels its not tat good still, mayb can improve la need alot practice.

cloud lo..

tis figure best i like the way they make the hair, damn chun n detail.

another shot of sephiroth

Tis tifa shot i like the most compare to the others.

and then mestila yake pics of insects ma

sini la spider yang ada kat aku punya toilet. I was bathing then i saw it sedang membalut makanan, after tat cepat go take camera lo n try, but was late to work abit jus to try n take these shots.

Ants with mosquito. The mosquito killed by me n then i buang to the ants.

lalat yang sudah mati, then i kasi help it pose.

same like the lalt togeda geda kena kill by me. Then togeda geda pose.

spider again but tis one tak mati, tapi focus salah

a moth, kena kill by my racquet, kasihan kasihan.

n then tis poor baby lizard, pretend to mati tim.. ingat i dunno dia main mati.

terus tangkap n ambik la dun care... then when i zoom in the pic on its eyes giler...

can see reflection of my tangan.