Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jam Bumi

Everyone is talking bout it, im waiting for the day to come, very excited as i have imagined the whole KL to black out.

but i have gave thoughts on it really saving earth ?

it was 8.15 pm and i cant wait any longer.. i was in Evonnes place, waiting and hoping everyone will be doing it, so i took a pic from her moms balcany.

you be the judge, i dint make tis up. No one seems to be doing it..

its still as bright as before, mayb afew houses did turn off, well we did,

opposite neighbour did, and then there was this teenager living right behind evonnes room, doin some work with his lights on, his brother shouted


n i whisper whisper to tat guy

wei.. earth hour ah.. san for ah.. (wei.. earth hour the lights ah..)

n Evonne was so malu she hid under the windows, so did we. But it works tat guy actually stood up n off the lights. LOL

but its really true, its abit too commercialize,

People actually drove out to Kl area to see the scenary, Car emits carbon.

Restaurants having candle light dinners. Burning emits carbon.

People celebrating lighting up fireworks. Fireworks asap emits carbon.

People take tis time to have celebration which normally u dont on this day. Celebration = Trash = emits carbon.

Advertising material, campaigns, those thing, chap palang things, watever to advertise, emits carbon.

Calling, LOL which i dont usually do, calling my dad, remind them so talking to my dad emits carbon also. LOL.

Doing interview (sai hau siu), live telecast emits carbon. LOL.

playing with torch lights at evonnes place, emits carbon also. LOL.

but neway, at least i did my part switching off all the lights but not the TV. They even showed some live footage of buildings doing some shiok sendiri light off thing. I think its abit too shiok sendiri when no one else is doing it.

once again at least i did my part.

oh oh aku bermain sudoku, macam seronok and mayb it might enhance my IQ abit. LOL.

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