Monday, March 2, 2009


Since im working now. I spent like most of my time in the office. Of course most of the things will happen in my office now.

first off is seeing this raibow rite when i get back to work. Although i know im goan b stuck in the jam but watching it, really calm me down.

Things i do in da office during the past month. Being a newbie there i will like my stuff to be new.

so i know i wont get my own new keyboard, so cleaning it is the best thing to keep it new

but its not an easy task... really time consuming and patience is needed.

and because there are alot of robbery going around and we dont have any security its best we have our own defensive weapon.

not one but 2.

its for defensive purpose onli. Seriously not for playing. hahahaha.

and for my emac... i know emac.. haha but nvm its ok, its looks old so i need to pimp it to make it look GANAS !!

to enhance the GANASNESS, i add mouth to it.

wat is jeremys place without spideys rite.. but worried my precious spidey might end up like bread dou, i brought my easy to duplicate paper dolls there. hahaha

n now they are together with my fierce emac facing me while i do my work.

oh and and eating out is so common its not even common its a must, so things u might encouter are stuff like this

fly as an extra dish.

and the next thing is really somethign you dont get to do often. Strongly not recommended.

all you need is a pipe hole. Big enuf for a ping pong ball.

A ping pong ball.

and onli happens during rainy days. Because u need umbrellas.

own mad office pool table.

U say la isit a nice place to work in. LOL.

P.S. All this things i do was after office hour, its because i wana go back later n avoid the bloody jam.

P.S. We dont jus play k, got work wan ok. Jus tat i dint show when we were busy.

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