Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah man !! oh before i start. i got the Mrazmerize inspiration from a malay girl who did a poster trying to show Jason Mraz her love for him while holding his album and marker wishing Mraz would see it n sign for her.

erm.. long time ago jus recently.. hahaha a few of us went for Mraz concert.

in order to beat the traffic, we decided to take our beloved bestest malaysia made LRT.

Its been years since i step into it.. years i tell u... years !!!

ok and so we sampai in one piece, it was pack, full of mrazmerising fans.

But i have been expecting something from tis concert. Mraz trademark hat. Which for sure i know many would turn up with it. N we are rite. Here are some of them.

we got the cheapest seat with a cheaper bargain thanks to HANDO ! But the pit stand which worth RM200+ (i dunno i jus hentam onli) its jus one pagar away from us.







late comers also wear, mayb went n buy tats why late

got different types of hat sumore

tis one came on the wrong day, she actually wanted to go to disneys princess on ice.

tis group lagi teruk, thought Jason Mraz is some black metal hard rock singer. Wear devil sumore..

and the concert begin.

Surprisingly it was very entertaining. Mraz really did a great job entertaining us all. Oh btw the above pic shows another gal doing the same expression as me. Tis shows she too agree with me. I think she jus wana revenge on me coz i did the same thing to them when she n her frens were taking pictures. AHAHAH

after it ended, dunno how we got the news or why we did it, we saw a bus outside and we jus stood there lepaking. Rumor spreads and i was lucky to get the spot rite in front of the bus. Its his bus he travel with.

ill be dead if he is dead or anything bad happen. My finger print is all over the bus.

the waiting was suffering, dont whether to wait or jus go back... but the wait paid off... i took all their asses pose... top, saxophone players ass.

his ass

but i did not get any good shot of him, luckily with Jaemys cunningness standing behind everyone jus using his super camera and zoom..

the onli clear shot we got of him.

but amongst all the pemakai topi, i think they lose to him, with his smile, the lighting n all, uncle kills them all. Even Mraz. HAHA.

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