Thursday, March 19, 2009

The you cant live him alone in your room fella has finally graduate

Senior No more.

Convo was held in KLCC Convention Center

Each tickets cost 10 pounds. But free to us from senior.

we gave him a cars character toy and also a sunflower that reminds him of Janet Jackson.

erm.. convos are actually quite boring, u wait for them to walk in then the professors walk in, the speech and everything which i dont think anyone will listen,

to prove my poing that no one is listening.

not jus one but hell lot of people fell asleep

all the waiting was jus because to see, a less than a minute fren taking cert session

and after the one minute u have to go through a hell lot of other humans going with the same thing. When the last person went up everyone cheered, not because tat fella is handsome pretty or famous, its because its finally over. LOL

after it ended photo session time where everyone will storm to the stage for pictures. And its jus me being me again with pictures.

oh one of the speech was given by him, and remember never ever leave ur names all around the stage

or it will be erm.. be in my pictures.. LOL

Oh ya jus to let u guys know, the time killing while waiting for toh to take his cert was erm.. entertaining and fun, thanks to his cameras

Mari kita tengok wat we did

Kin wai

done by M3


Done by Kin Wai

Done by Julian


Done by M3


Done by M3

Kin Wai

By M3

By Julian

Someone else dad

Gua buat

Siapa punya paling kelakar hahaha

so tat about it, he is now officially a graduate lang.

with his ijazah.. MUA HAHAHA picture of his solo pic with those fake bookcase at the back will be upload soon. HAHAHA.

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Jessica said...

whoa. ceremony at klcc convention centre worh.