Monday, May 7, 2007

Free Comic Book day ..!!!

May 5th 2007 is free comic book day..
Been aiming for this like for damn long... after the movie went home and then go to bed abit early than the normal time tat is 12am. Then plan to wake up earlier than usual weekend time tat is 11am..

TING TONG TING TONG morning bells are ringing DING DONG BELL..

TIP TAP TIP TAP hujan dah turun....

what a luck.. cant get out of my house since its raining heavily.. so i sit in my room and looking outside

and then at around 2 pm.. the rain stops.. Run all the way to the comic book shop in chapel street. The first shop, went in see nothing ask lady in counter, says its upstairs went upstairs.. alot of human.. table full of comic, scan through.. dissapointed.. bo spider-man !! went down cursing tat store and the rain.. then walk quickly to the second comic book store.. saw batman and stormtrooper outside the store.. went in the store full of comic but its for sale .. cant see any free comics around.. wet t counter ask the fella.. AT LAST he keeps in in the counter.. and one person can onli have one.. there are 2 different spider-man comic.. quickly call evonne to come over.. and Mission accomplish...

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