Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Scattered to small little pixie dust...

Tis is how my heart felt like when i saw tis..

Nama gua tak ada kat competition membuat sandman... so sad .. but nvm its an experience.. now i can see how i have improve in sculpting. I sculpted 3 sandman and i send all to them.. LOL (kiasu) coz they allowed onli one person per entry so i have to use different e-mails. I want it so badly coz the prize jus simply irresistible, onli one winner can win tis and the others are jus sagu hati...... 12kg statue man !!!

Here is the winner tat won the statue.

And the sagu hati prizes which is

Gothmog on ward statue which won by

Most likeness award

Most artistic award

and other sagu hati is

Scarab twisted rabbit which i dunno wat the hell izit.. which won by..

Best large scale award

First entry award

Best unidentifiable lump of sand award.. (doink) and he get tis sagu hati

Cool chick. ElectraWoman and DynaGirl

There is also this competition which u simply submit ur spider-man related picture to them and u might randomly get pick and might win tis

And i posted tis pic of my brother coz my collection are all in Malaysia

and one the last competion i joined is simply jus write a comment bout the spider-man 3 movie and u might also randomly get pick and win tis

Talak juga my name there.. suan suan.. 3 competitions and all mampus
and now to show u guys my entries.. hehe using dirt i get nearby

first attempt

second attempt

third attempt which i went to the beach to get real sand.. lucky Evonne was so supportive and tat all the power to gip me semangat. So there are lesson you guys can learn from here.

1. Wat is yours is yours
2. Kuai lous judgemet is weird
3. Dont so kiasu
4. Dont hope on something so much, go buy it urself rather than hoping for one
5. My luck is bad
6. Should have use shit instead of sand

If you are interested to see all the sandman and the photo entries, here is the link.

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