Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Collection.

Is time to show off my collection.. MUA HAHAHAHA. First of all i will show u my specially cupboard dedicated to spider-man.. got 4 compartment but onli 3 are reserve for spidey.
The fourth one is actually erm erm.. etc.. spawn, kingdom hearts, pokemon dll..

overall look

First floor

Second floor

Third floor.. ada lagi

The very first 12inch figure from Kotobukiya. Tis was my very first spidey tat exceed over RM100.. and it all started from tis which I started buying expensive spideys...

Figures from the first movie.. i have onli the first movies figures coz the second wan was not very nice..and the third movie.. havent think of buying any yet

more figures..

My masterpiece tat i really put my effort in during college time drawing tis.. vit some magnets surrounding it

Cheap 12 inch figure.. really cheap.. go take ur long ruler out n see how tall is 12 inch.. cheap till dun care of getting another peter parker learning drunken fist

some metal die cast figures

the onli spider-man comic i read (ultimate spider-man)

Spider cute-cute i call it.. and last... currently my favorite amongst all.. Spider-man VS Venom diorama.. slurp slurp

And i would like to thank my bro Christopher for helping me photograph all the pictures here. Terima Kasih. More spider-man to come...


Jessica said...

wow~! Nice collection of spiderman figures there!

And I didn't know Kotobukiya produce Marvel characters!! O_O

Thought they only produced those PVC girls. Hahah.

Jeremy said...

ya.. nice le... Kotobukiya alo have star wars n stuff like tat.. not jus girls but guys too.. lol

Jessica said...

maybe because everytime i enter XL-Shop i keep looking at those PVC girls only. *LOL*