Thursday, May 10, 2007

Make Your Sandman

Good Question raise from Shin Ying.. i will now tell u guys how i make my sandman.
Here are the basic tools you need.

and the most important thing in this process, A pair of gifted sculpting hands..

And now to begin the sculpting. Make sure your sand or dirt is wet. Sand sculpts better when its wet. not tooooo wet. Jus wet. Stack the sands into a mountain Like shape. And start sculpting from there. Dont worry of getting ur hands dirty, dont use gloves, u must have the feel of the sand get in touch with it.
Like wat Phua Chu Kang said to Ah Loy, Where got shiok to use glove and dig ur nose.

Slowly and patiently sculpt out the details of the features u like and wala... u have your sandman.

First attempt: Dirt

Estimate time finish: About an hour

Second Attempt: Dirt

Lighting testing

Estimate time finish: Two hours

Third Attempt: Sand

Mus be very very patient slowly bit by bit remove the sand to make the eye.

To gain more strength and determination to sculpt, i even try to post like spider-man while sculpting

Estimated time finish: 4 hours

With great skills, comes great lost.

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