Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Again at toh

On chirstmas day itself Toh ada buka party at his house, we dont have to pay. HE PAY ALL !!

kasihan him coz alot blood came our from his wallet i decided to become the chef for the day.

jus look at all those food we have... darah darah dompet mengalir keluar.

the chef thing was real but i cannot tahan after cooking for too long so need someone to take over.

semua makan dengan gembira sekali

n for toh he is busy showing his mussel, but its not the mussel im interested in, its his eyes,

he has already master tis type of eye movement, learnt it from Tyra Banks, its call smokey eye or smile with ur eyes.

aha.. the main attraction again, the presents... hehe

tis year is abit the different, tis time u can steal ppls present by challenging them on a on, two juice match. Its not easy everyone has to pic a challenger no matter wat.

Justice Pao for the day, tohs mom is respondsible to shout out 'ONE, TWO JUICE !'

the main prize tat almost everyone is after is the super big most expensive boaster. Here is me winning it from Ah Wai which he snatch from me the first round.

here is Sf aiming for my prize, and haiz.. beginners luck..

the boaster went from one owner to the other.. haiz in the end, ended up in the hands of sf... ciz ciz ciz.

Tats the end of our christmas party lo then.

oh oh Jesus came visit us too, LOL. See the brightness of the light... giler flash

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