Monday, January 11, 2010


Daikanyama a japanese fusion bar, sounded like DAI KA YAM AH !!! (everyone drink ah in canto)

Went there last week dgn colleague sekalian.

the very main reason we went there is to minum, but then the menu terlalu attractive with sashimi cannot tahan ordered one dish, n then the next n next n next ...

we minum sake which cost 200 kau a botol susu,

the food is nice, Adeline makan dgn high sekali

but not all la my fren here alfie kasi makan wasabi n kena tangkap doing monkey face after tasting it. LOL.

and so we minun lo, minum sini.

minum sana, sake sini, sake sana.

n then we mula lah buat benda cacat n seronok, playing with seaweed was the boss's idea. LOL.

nenek choo dan anak bongeh.


cctan acting cute. with her new pau hairstyle

kanasai pic.

i know tis pic is so geli but i like it, hahaha, like another ANTM model shot.

the titanic pose is alwaz never too old, but tis is abit twisted la to make it more interesthing.

here are some tips on posing haha jus do. Starting from left, Toothache, Headache, Heartache, Backache, Thigh pain and also Stomachache.

the moment for tat day... luckynya.... shioks....


Jessica said...

hahaha the torn among the roses.

where is this bar eh? is the sake there nice?

and yuu have such interesting and fun colleagues!

Jeremy said...

the bar is in chang kat... n erm bout the sake.. i dont really know coz i dont drink much sake... but i think its ok kua..