Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another unforgettable day.

There is tis one very special day each year which i think its worth to remember. Its when someone tat u long n love said yes. And since then its been alot fun and happiness till today. 6 Years together.... ppl said tat its very dangerous, u might break up, mus get married... scrap tat la.. as long u are happy together NOTHING will ever go wrong, n trust each other.

6 Years is long i also tengok balik all the post ive dedicated to her.

Her birthdays

Morale support


and tis was 5 years ago

Now its another year.

its been happy happy years of course when there is up there is alwaz down.. its not we have never quarrel. But all this memories doesnt jus come

it has to come from lots of lots of moments.

lots of memories

and the most important as happiness.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary Dear Dear... !!


Jessica said...

happy anniversary to the lovely couple there! :)

like yur second picture very much. ^^

Jeremy said...

heheh thank you thank you,