Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Malacca For Granpa

Disini adalah satu berita, tak tau baik atau buruk.

soon u will see a 12 month calendar coming out soon on tis blog here is the front cover for teaser.

Last week went to Malacca utk berseronok.

went to Jonker to makan dengan tak berhenti henti, went makan Ice kacang la,taiwan mee la, he kiau mee la...

Then also makan rice ball chicken la..

so many chicken rice stall but there is onli a few nice one, to confuse u more alot of those places has these 2 persons signboard, ah sian n i dunno who tis fella, choi lan ?

after makan went back to my aunties place lo, then pass by tis Jusco tat KABOOOM !! but sudah repair macam baru d.

when sampai rumah there is tis far far far away relative.. erm no la actually its my granpa's sis, she brought he newphew together... which is a chibai anak lanchiou ! so damn 7 naughty, really cannot tahan him feel like smacking him until he cry, but i m=punch would have kill him, hahahaha

even if i try not to talk to him, he keeps on kacau me n my brothers, he dun care even my elder bro feel like smacking him, he climb up of u, hit u... wah lau damn sians.. but luckily i was the second victim, chris was the one tat talk to him first n then he became the victim of the day

he is like from hell.... haha sei yeh.

pada malam tersebut kita went to tis restaurant near the shore for dinner.

u have to come in from the window... haha no la my bro jus trying to kill himself

u can see alot of pendatang haram come n go..but who cares

one waiter tat look like michael jackson.... does he ?

actually the reason we came to Malacca is to celebrate my Granpa's bday, its also the reason why the hell child is here too.

even the nyamuks also welcomed my granpa, its his 80th bday.

we had lots of fun la, singing, dancing cheering hahahah.

tis is my uncles son, thought he is naughty af first but after meeting tat child frm hell.. he is way way better n he is naughty but he respect n listen to you not like the child from hell...

Imagine when u are taking a pic, his hand will purposely cover the lense, my dad saw.. MY DAD SAW IT n he scolded him... IMAGINE MY DAD WITH THE SUPER FIERCE FACE.... but he dint care but continue doing it....

tats why i keep playing with them but not the child from hell... LOL he look so jealous but we dun care.

here is the cousin family pic.. if will b perfect if onli Kim n Nick is here.. hahaha nvm CNY is near we shall do one shot like tis again.

n the best pic for the day.. my granma gave a kiss to my granpa.. look at the way he laugh.... i have never se him shine like tis b4.. and the child from hell has to slip his way inside the photo... spoil the whole damn pics..... niameh !!!

waste my time take him out...


Jessica said...

yur grandparents look so sweet together. :)

nice picture of the nyamuk! wah, super zoom lens ah. haha.

and the child from hell. speechless.

Jeremy said...

hehehe yeah zoom lens it is kekekeke... no need to cakap anythign la for the kid jus hope he grow up n be a good man.