Thursday, January 7, 2010

Past is past, but I still wana talk ah !

Tis are some of the events tat happened, the onli thing is i dint have any chance to blog about it, now i wana go through it,

my dog is gone, not because it died, Max was given away to another friend.

I bought a few lenses all with different usage. Later kasi show the kehebatan it la.

also went to support Christine inGenting. She participated in Astro Beauty Contest.

Going to Lyndas new tattoo shop.

pegi ke sunway lagoon during a super jam pack human day.

chris wedding la

my boss wedding la

got gathering between my long lost school mates

got to a few events lo.. erm one onli la, LOL htc tattoo launch.

went langkawi

hisap curut....

All tis tak pernah i mention in my blog... mayb if i have time i will kasi blog bout a few of those things i left out ler. So wat im still living in the past hahaha. coz nothing interesthing so far has happen to me tis year ma.

and jus to beritahu kamu semua, all the games i bought i belum even finish... haiz


Jessica said...

wah so happening ah! haha.

eternal sonata caught my attention! what game is that? rpg?

Jeremy said...

haha yeah the game is like erm... action rpg in manga style. havent