Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Eve + New Year

I shall combine the eve n new year together coz mine is not tat interesting la i think, so here it is.

Lets start off with a video we made in the office, suppose to have more videos but i dont know how it jus got lost in my memory card, but its ok la.. its not meant to b shown kua. HAHAHAHA

alot of us tak ada mood to work since its the last day of the year, so they alwaz use me as a real life barbie doll.

after dressing up i will pose for them n make them laugh like shit so there goes my last day of the year in office.

after tat went for Steam near sunway area, where u have lots of lots of lots of steam restaurant. Ended up somwhere not yuen, not umami (suck), not tasty pot but tis place call erm.... hot pot ? house pot ? cannot remember tat place name d la.

ah yeh came n join us also.

not onli they serve steam boat buffet but also barbeque, choose wat u wan n pass to them, they will cook for u which i think is very convenient dont have to wrry bout ur face getting oily which mine is alwaz oily or even scared of the pip pap pip pap oil flying around the pan.

oh ya its onli 5 of us in tis last new year eve dinner.... M3 n dear dear

Toh the cutie. (uargh... bluek...)

Ah Yeh

and also his gf Michelle Pfeiffer. Finish dinner sebelum pukul 12 then balik then shower then new year d lo.

The next day leh, kat new year leh went n meet up with a fren lo.

Lincah, its exactly a year ago, same day, new year day we met up to have Bak kut teh n tis year we kasi meet up at tis new place in Curve.

its call Gardens. Place not bad nice very nice, but chipet air-cond alwaz rosak in Curve, chipet hot.

the makan at Gardens is not great but can try la, wont make u bluek bluek pui pui.

erm.. erm.. nice pic

after the lunch, because it was so hot we wanted to go somewhere for dessert which is cold. Ended up in Chocolate, which is also chipet hot because all air-cond is centralize. Tried the cake the drinks... dun like.

sumore got these to girls keeps taking those kawaii cute pics.. hahahah. Every movement, from picking up the strawberry to putting into her mouth and chewing, EVERY movement, they took pics. lucky pay bill tat time they dint take.

erm.. actually we did almost the same also la, hahaha but at least we dint act cute.. or did we ?

tis dont consider act cute rite ?

then went back home for dinner which is the best meal we had the whole day... THE BEST !!

also TA DA !!! new game to my rocking collection for guitar hero !! who wana come join the band !!

Pic of the day, you wont see my dear dear so concentrate so serious wan, but when she play game, u call her name also she dun wan answer u.

tats how my eve n new year day lo. Simple n easy. HAHA


Jessica said...

simple and easy but what's more important is the company! as long as we spend with ppl we care, it doesn't matter what we do also very fun wan. right? :)

anyway, yur post cracked me up. yuu're still as funny as ever. haha.

yur dressed up picture looked like those rich tai tai/datin. more like datin since yuu wrapped yur head. lol.

and that picture of ah yeh. wah, macam mau bunuh orang leh.

"lucky pay bill tat time they dint take."
this one really made me laughed! haha. litat also yuu can think of. omg, from the way yuu said it is really damn kua jeong lo. take picture every moment and act cute somemore. wah lau.

and evonne looked so cool in the last picture. haha.

Jessica said...

oh forgot to mention this:

many people ask, when are yuu gonna upload the photos taken at the gathering at star village?

Jeremy said...

hahaha wah longest comment ever made by u, not bad not bad.. oh ya is ur new blog up i takde the link leh..

erm bout the pictures ah... im waiting for julian to post it coz i gave it all to him d lo, u go bug him hahahahah

Jessica said...

i emailed yuu adi worh. yuu check yur mail see.