Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you know today is 20.08.2008 (2008,2008)

A boring day for me, i was so boring tat i went to the most boring place in Puchong. All alone and lonely.

IOI Mall. REALLY A DAMN SAD PLACE. Even the Jusco there is BORING.

All i did there was

Spent RM 3 on the arcade. Played Daytona.

and Time Crisis which i dint even finish the first stage.

ordered waffle with the combination of peanut spread and butter.

melted the whole paper bad and makes my hand damn oily. BUT SERIOUSLY IOI MALL IS DAMN SAD !

Onli then i realise todays date is 20.08.2008 which will onli happen once in every super long year. Then Heard radio said that today is a very lucky day for you to express your feelings to your love ones. Well no harm doing it.

for you my dear, loveus.. ^_^

1 comment:

Jessica said...

yes IOI mall is a damn sad place. but then, before this, i mean before got jusco, it's even a more sad place!!! totally nothing to see.

aww. so sweet. yuu two so long together adi wor.