Friday, August 8, 2008

Making G-Damn.


Tis is Leanne. She's a zoologist tat works in a bank. I think when i first heard she studies bout animals my first question for her is why do hamsters have 6 nipples ?

At last i have abit of my own time to blog. Been busy lately. Alrite... when i first bought the Unicorn Gundam i wanted to make sure i will make it into my best gundam. So went to do some reseach, ask around. And here are the the things you need to do in order to make it a CHUNTED gundam.

Before you start get all the tools you need. You have special tools. Even the colours tat u wanted to repaint. When ask can i use nail clippers instea, ITS A BIG NO NO.

Sand paper, No. 800 and No.1000

then i got this Gundam pen for inking which means draw outline.

Tested on one of the guinea pigs i had.

Make sure you have a big space to make your gundam. It will be messy !

First you cut out the parts.

I cut it section section for example, this is the cockpit parts.

Divide them using a container or watever you can think of, so that you wont get confuse which part is for which.

you dont straight away cut it nicely from the Runners (the thing tat sticks the parts) u leave some space and then onli now u clean up with this erm... pengisar.

Selepas ini, you use sand paper No.800 to sand out the outer plastic layer (the slipery part). Reason being is, you can easily apply colours on it. Then us sand paper No.1000 to smoothen the surface.

then you paint it. I bought the pearl white paint. Shiny shiny !.but actually before you paint u need to have an outer coat on it which is also another type of paint. But i skip tat step. LAZY LER ! Use one brush for one type of paint. I use 1 brush for 2 paints.. n i ruin my pearl white... CCB. Also u need to add special Gundam thinner on the paint and thiss are no ordinary paints, they dry very fast. To clean the brush simply jus use thinner. The cheap one will do but not for the paints.

Leave it to dry. Dun so kanchiong like me. Although they dry fast but its better to leave it a while more.. or else u can see finger prints when u touch or hold it then u need to repaint it again.

after all the susahness... u can start to snap them together. Tis is the best and relief part coz u can actually see all of it coming together.

so far i have done the head,body and right arm. It looks nice from picture.. but the real thing isnt tat great. Colour terkotor !!!

See nice rite.. but its fake wan ler....

There was one part which i accidently terkopek my fingernail. So jus becareful dont use your fingernails to snap them together use your thumb and make sure ur fingernail is short...

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